Wisdom Teeth Removal—The Process

Tooth extraction is a common dental treatment method that involves pulling off a tooth that is either impacted or decayed. However, when dealing with wisdom a tooth, the method becomes a little more complex. Unlike the other tooth types, a wisdom tooth is embedded deeper into the gums and jawbones, which makes the extraction process all the more difficult.

The procedure of extracting a wisdom tooth starts with the injection of anesthesia to numb the area where the impacted or decayed tooth is located. In some cases, particularly if the patient is suffering from dental anxiety or if several wisdom teeth will be removed, general anesthesia will be administered. Other sedation methods may be performed depending on the dentist’s diagnosis of the patient’s condition.

Once the anesthetic has done its job, the dentist will then widen the gum surrounding the wisdom tooth to reveal the tooth root and the bone holding it. Portions of the jawbone may be removed to loosen up the tooth until it’s ready for extraction. When the bone is holding the tooth tightly, the dentist may have to cut the tooth into pieces to be able to deal with the tooth root easily.

 Stitching may be required after the extraction, depending on the size of the wound. Some stitches dissolve over time, while others need to be removed by the dentist. Patients should keep in mind any post-operative instruction the dentist will give them after the operation.


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